The L.AC. Holding LTD. is advancing several important projects together with Kazakhstan

More – that can be linked to LAC Holding LTD – of the project is stepping up and getting closer to implementation, thanks to the cooperation agreements signed on Monday. At the Hungarian-Kazakh business forum, László Horváth, the CEO of the company group, agreed with the representatives of Kazakhstan on the package, which also includes agriculture, rail freight transport and research and development. The LAC Holding is confident that economic and business cooperation can lay a new foundation, the already exemplary relationship between the two countries.

LAC Holding LTD., at the Hungarian-Kazakh business forum organized by the Ministry of Finance and the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. László Horváth, the President and CEO of LAC Holding LTD., Honorary Consul of Kazakhstan and the Co-Chairman of the Hungarian-Kazakh Business Council also emphasized the good relations between the two countries at the event, both in the economic and cultural fields.

The LAC Holding LTD. wants to be a key partner of Kazakhstan in agricultural cooperation at the event, in which it focuses primarily on seed production. As part of the cooperation agreement, they jointly agreed with their Kazakh business partners on the need to grow high-quality Hungarian seeds locally.

In this connection, the LAC Holding LTD. is also a project called Pannon Breeding, running under the auspices of Törökszentmiklós Mezőgazdasági LTD. within the framework of the program, the company's researchers are looking for a solution for the development of plants for both the field and the urban environment - resistant to the extreme climatic conditions of the Pannonian region, with a supporting IT background and new methods.

Finally, the company also collaborated with the Kazakh State Railways on a third project. This is the so-called CELIZ project. The aim of the project is to implement the development of economic and trade routes to the West through the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), supported by the Chinese state, to implement an innovative logistics, rail and freight hub that is also strategically important in Europe. As part of the project, technological and industrial development investments will be prepared, the implementation of which will have a significant impact on rail freight traffic between the EU and China and on Hungarian-Chinese economic cooperation.

“There are still many untapped business opportunities in the relationship between the two countries. With proper and continued support, we can still make serious economic progress in strengthening our relations. The agreements just signed serve this purpose,” said László Horváth, LAC Holding LTD., Then added: “In addition to economic and business life, there is one more thing that defines this relationship: common values. The Kazakhs also respect our relatives, and recognizing this encourages us to cultivate ever closer ties. ”

In addition to László Horváth, the Hungarian-Kazakh business forum was attended by Minister of Finance Mihály Varga, László Parragh, President of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as well as several diplomats and businessmen. László Horváth, as co-chair of the Hungarian-Kazakh Business Council, attended a joint dinner with Kuszainov Marat, the president of the Hungarian-Kazakh Parliamentary Friendship Association, and also attended a meeting of the Hungarian-Kazakh Strategic Council.

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