Under its statutes, the aim of Kuman Alliance is extension of wide ranged cultural activities for supporting the relations between the descents of Kuman, Pechenegs, Tatar pople.

The objectives of Kuman Alliance: creating a national representative brotherhood, saving the Kuman-Kipchak (Kuman, Pecheneg, Tatar) identity and traditions and to preserve the Kuman-Kipchak settlements, organizations, an array of living, supporting young people living in Kuman area, strenghten the relation with nations of South Asia, with Kuman- Kipchak people, maintain their culture and heritage.

To achieve its goals the Alliance organize and set up local and working groups, publications, publishes scientific researches and educational activities, takes a part in safekeeping of cultural heritage. President of the Association dr. Sandor Fazekas Rural Development Minister, members of the management board: Fejes György, Horváth György, Kovács Sándor, dr. Kun Péter, dr. Magyar Gábor and Szépe Ferenc.

In accordance with the articles of Alliance the the non-profit association can benefit others, not only members. The association disclose itscommunication, reports by flyers, bulletin board which is available at the headquarter of association to the public. Connection with the operation of the association formed documents and reports are public, after preliminary discussion they may be checked at the association`s headquarters.

Members of the association can be every 14 years old natural person and any legal entity who or which adopts the objectives of the association`s statutes must recognize and make registration form. The legal person exercise their membership rights by representative.

The admission and exclusion within the competence of the executive board. The member can be excluded from organization who did not pay the dues or who violates the obligation provided for in the statutes being requested. The annual membership fee is one thousand HUF for natural persons, for senior citizens, students five hundred HUF, and five thousand HUF for legal persons per year.