Honorary consulate of Kazakhstan Karcag

Honorary consulate of Kazakhstan Karcag


History of Kazakhstan

In the 10th century the Seljuk Turkish Empire have reached all the south area of the present territory of Kazakhstan, which after the 13th century belonged to Dzsingisz Khan . The Kazakh Khanate was established on this area in 15th century. They fought with kalmucks, therefore they asked for Russian protectorate, which was in effect from 1730 until 1750. From the middle of the 19th centuary, the area came under the Russian rule, later in 1920 joined as an Kyrgyz ASSR to the Soviet Union. In 1925 the name was changed to Kazakh ASSR. From 1936 it was one of the republics of USSR until 1991. After the declaration of independence it joined to the CIS. In October 1990, Kazakhstan declared itself a sovereign republic within the Soviet Union. They proclaimed their independence on 26 of December 1991.

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