Karcag in 1998 opened the Consulate of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

During his first term of charge the Honorary Kazakh consul, Laszlo Horvath from 1998 till 2006 played an imperishable role in reviving and strengthening economical and cultural relations between the two countries. In recognition of these efforts in 2011 the Ambassador of Kasakh Republik, Rashid Ibrayev Turarovich awarded Laszlo Horvath on the 20th anniversary of constitution and independency. Because of the mention 8 year great activity there was a general incomprehension, when the new goverment came and did’t lay claim to the consul or consular work. The consulate in Karcag suspended his operation in 2006, its table was covered with symbolic black veil. The ex-honorary consul continued his work as Ambassador of Cumans. During these years the Kazakh Republic didn’t stop support the former Honorary Consul.

Kazakhstan Embassy in Budapest did not want to take a stand on the matter, saying that Hungary`s internal affairs, but what they announced they were absolutly satisfied with the work of consulate. Following the change of government in 2010, the barriers have been removed, and in 2012, Laszlo Horvath repeatedly asked former positions to fill. The Honorary Consul of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the opening day of II. Cumans World Summit received his credentials from the Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The consulate is thus able to continue the work begun to establishing a closer economic and cultural strategies for both Hungary and the rural community.

Social responsibility

The owner of L. A. C. Group Holding Company and Honorary Consul of Kazakhstan, Laszlo Horvath makes great afforts with altruism to care about the Hungarian-Kazakh relationship, with all available tools.

From the mid-seventies (70s) of the last century the turkologist of town Karcag, Stephen Mándoky Kongúr has had significant exploration success in Kazakhstan. Analysing the linguistic point of view, he pointed to the issue that our lineal relatives are living in those areas. Till today more than six hundred everyday used words - apple, brave, jacket - demonstrates the cohesion beetween us. After the changing of government, Kazahs were looking for their identity, and found out, that as the Kumans believes their relatives living in the West, that means, for them we are the most western Kazakhs.


The kazahs respect us as their relatives, and as a recognition of it this close relationship encourages us to care about it. We are living in the period of the national awakening, and the traditional communities now find themselves. The traditionalists, the cavalry, warriors, or even just as researchers working on the maintenance of identity, as the municipalities and associations. Those who can do it, they try to maintain this relation in such a manner as it possible and share the parts of our mutual history. This is also considered as a social responsibility, as any action taken to protect the environment.