Due to the state of war in Ukraine, among others, Kyrgyz citizens studying and working there understand the urgent need to return to their homeland. It is not possible by air from Ukraine and it is not easy to get to a neighbouring country by road and then fly from there to their distant country.

In order to evacuate 600 returning citizens, the Kyrgyz government has launched a well-organized evacuation campaign through its diplomatic missions in the countries concerned, in which, in addition to professional diplomats, honorary consuls from Kyrgyzstan in the region have played a key role.

In addition to the Polish and Romanian directions, the route through Hungary proves to be paramount importance. The first large group, 107 person, mostly women, mothers and their young children arrived at the Ukrainian-Hungarian border early on Tuesday morning, where Almazbek Asanbaev, an adviser to the Kyrgyz embassy in Budapest, greeted them in two comfortable, modern buses, then after several hours of waiting at the border, the physically and mentally exhausted passengers finally entered with relief. They could enter the Hungarian land, and this now meant life for them, liberation from fear, and escape.

While the newcomers were able to sleep peacefully for the first time in days, the organizers of the humanitarian aid, the diplomats of the Kyrgyz embassy and the honorary consul of Endre Erdős in Kyrgyzstan are already preparing for the arrival of the next group in Hungary on Thursday morning. In their sacrificial work, they can rely on humanitarian cooperation, which is essential for the financial background of the rescue operation. Tears of gratitude and words of thanks to the fugitives also apply to Mr. Ferenc Papcsák, former leader of the Hungarian Parliament's group of friends in Central Asia, Mr. László Horváth, Honorary Consul of Kazakhstan in Hungary and Honorary Consul General of Hungary in Kyrgyzstan.