On 4 July, the first plane takes off at Nur-Sultan

Economic issues were discussed by Abdrasov Zsanibek, Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Hungary, and László Horváth, Honorary Consul of Kazakhstan. The parties agreed that, after the COVID pandemic, a regular flight will resume between Budapest and Nur-Sultan, and advanced negotiations were also held on agricultural and tourism issues.

On 4 July, an old-new time will begin in cooperation between the two countries: Wizz Air will restart its aircraft to the Kazakh capital, which will hopefully be followed by a regular flight every week. In addition to the resurgence of air traffic, economic agreements are also significant. As a result of the visit of the Minister of Agriculture István Nagy, the two countries are also cooperating on agricultural issues, focusing mainly on seeds, as well as examining the trade potential of construction raw materials.

The economic and cultural relations between the two countries are currently lively: the next meeting of the Kazakh-Hungarian Business Council will be held in Hungary in the autumn, and rich cultural programs will be organized in the two countries in the next period. In addition to all this, new tourist maps have been created that are designed to make not only the two big cities but also the “countryside” tempting for visitors. Facilitating entry, the possibility of accepting a Hungarian protection card will also be born within weeks.

Aiming to stimulate further economic life, a handbook was compiled for both Kazakh and domestic economic actors, which summarizes the geopolitical, economic and tax policy laws and customs of the two countries.

Between the two countries, one of the important topics for discussion in the next period will be the “One Belt One Road Program” (also known as New Silk Road), a complex geopolitical-strategic plan covering more than sixty countries, combining political, economic, defense and launched by China. Kazakhstan and Hungary have confirmed that the two countries intend to work closely together in this program as well.

At the meeting, the Ambassador of Kazakhstan expressed the hope that the Hungarian Prime Minister would visit their country again.