We express our concern and regret at the Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Karcag over the recent situation in Kazakhstan, which we are constantly monitoring.

During my nearly 30 years of honorary consular service, I have been able to meet many wonderful people and get to know fantastic places in Kazakhstan. I return home recharged from every trip, because during my stay I meet people who are open up to me with confidence and friendship.

My Kazakh business relations have developed into friendship over the years, and we support each other in helping to bring Kazakh Hungarian relations even closer. The relatives of the Hungarians and the Kazakhs have developed into close friendship, cooperation and solidarity among each other over the long decades.

In the current situation, it is now about us, Hungarians to support and show solidarity to our Kazakh relatives. I hereby express my hope and trust that the tense situation that has developed will be resolved as soon as possible and that the security, peace and consensus that the country now needs will be restored. I believe that through communication, trust and responsibility, a long-term sustainable and decisive agreement can be reached for the development of the Kazakh people. We Hungarians, with all our support, stand by the people of Kazakhstan for a peaceful future and for the stabilization of the country, for the continuation of the economic development that has taken place during the past 30 years since the declaration of independence of Kazakhstan.

January 11, 2022

László Horváth
Honorary Consul of Kazakhstan